通常価格 ¥2,500



持ち手 66cm


店名の由来となっているEVANSはタフティング産業を作り上げたCatherine Evans Whitenerから名付けました。彼女が販売した2.5ドルのタフティングで制作したベッドカバーからタフティング産業は始まりました。


Catherine Evans Whitener was born on August 10, 1880, in Walker County, Georgia, to William R. Evans and Nancy A. Nuckolls. She was the second of seven children. She stopped going to school after fifth grade, a common practice for rural Georgia girls in the late nineteenth century.At the age of 12, while on a visit to her cousin, Whitener saw a tufted quilt, and became interested in the unique style. She practiced the technique known as tufting, and mastered the craft at the young age of 15. The very first quilt she made was a gift for her brother's wedding. Her relatives took notice of her craft, and she began to sell her works to them. This became the start of a booming industry.

Whitener's business soon evolved from hand sewn quilts, to machine made carpets. She operated the business from her home and hired women neighbors to help her keep up with demand. By 1900, Whitener was selling her bedspreads for $2.50. Her sales were so successful that other people began joining the industry. As the industry grew, thousands of the hand-tufted bedspreads and carpets were sold, and with the help of her family Whitener opened the Evans Manufacturing Company in 1917. Other women were inspired by Whitener's ingenuity, and soon textile companies were opening all across Georgia.